We have a dedicated department for handling the detail and care required for BIM/VDC on projects, and confident in our ability to lead or assist with your next virtual project requirements. Our typical BIM process includes the following; this can also be adjusted as necessary depending on the specific needs of the project:

  • Model 1” conduit and larger for slab, underground, and above ceiling
  • 3D modeling of electrical equipment for electrical room layout and spatial coordination.
  • Use Autodesk Revit for our 3D model
  • Share Revit model or AutoCAD files with the project team
  • Incorporate models into Autodesk Navisworks for collaboration and clash detection
  • Attend regular trade coordination meetings
  • Update models and re-run clash detections until all conflicts are removed and models are constructible
  • Work hand in hand with the Mechanical / Plumbing /Fire Sprinkler Contractor(s) to execute on-site
  • Preparation of in-house layout drawings
  • Robotic Total Station layout and as-builts for accurate placement and information

Additionally during the design phase, the BIM department works together with the preconstruction/design team to identify potential constructability conflicts upfront rather than later during the project. We identify design elements early that will be used throughout the entire project, assisting in an accurate construction model with fewer clashes from the start, and improved scheduling and planning of the project. LEI will stay in front of the schedule by using the coordination models to facilitate pre-fabrication once construction starts.