Piranesi Apts II

Scope of Work

New electrical and fire alarm install for 24 apartment units and garages

Services Provided:

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Delivery Method:

LEI was contracted to provide electrical services on the Piranesi Apartments Complex II. The 11,425 square-foot structure is comprised of 5 floors, 24 single family units and 24 garages. LEI installed all the electrical services in the new facility including fire alarm panels, meter banks, Romex, and individual panels. Because the new facility was built over the top of an existing Xcel transformer and had to be attached to an existing 5 story building, the architectural design was unique and complicated, which made for challenging elements during construction.

Project Owner

NMSBPCSLDHB, a California Limited Partnership


Project Dollar Value


Project Start Date

July 2024

Project Finish Date

January 2015