LEI strongly considers the key to our success is our employees. Who better to recruit for our company than YOU!

We realize that new hires who come into our company through employee referrals are excellent contributors and stay with the company longer. We want to encourage our employees to continue to refer qualified candidates by offering a referral bonus.

Who is Eligible?

Hourly field and other non-manager employees are eligible to receive an incentive payment for recruiting and referring in top talent to LEI under the following circumstances. The referring employee must be an active employee of LEI upon the new hire’s completion of six months of employment.

The candidate:
• Must be external to LEI
• Must not have previously worked for LEI at any time
• Must not have worked for LEI through a staffing agency, as an independent contractor, as an intern, as a part-time employee or as a summer hire in the previous year

Be a part of shaping our company’s future by referring candidates with the knowledge, experience, and drive needed to join our team – and enjoy a referral bonus for your efforts!!