The LEI Culture Defined

Our mission

“It Always Comes Back to Our People”

It takes exceptional people to provide exceptional service. LEI has been built on this premise since 2002. We recognize that technical competence is vitally important to the success of our business. However, we also recognize that developing the ability to understand and adapt to each customer’s unique needs is no less important.

We combine a fresh approach to providing innovative, high quality electrical contracting services with the expertise and reputation of employees that have years of  experience in the industry. The result is a team of dedicated professionals providing outstanding customer service backed by exceptional processes, project management, technology, ethics and values.

Our Vision

“Our PEOPLE and PERFORMANCE position LEI as a leader in the industry. We create a unique secure and growth-oriented work environment for employees, which allows us to positively impact our customers and deliver consistent financial stability.”

To carry this vision forward in our endeavors we rely on our PEOPLE and providing a tremendous environment for them to thrive is our passion. In 2015 LEI Companies, Inc. was recognized as one of Denver’s best places to work by Colorado Biz Magazine.  This accomplishment serves as a testament to the value we place on our team members.

LEI understands we are a critical team member on every project we are involved in and we believe success is the result of teamwork and open dialog between all parties. We operate on a philosophy of PERFORMANCE through personal service, commitment, integrity, stability and dependability.

Our Corporate Philosophy

LEI’s core values guide our behaviors, our actions our decisions and our passion.  Honoring these values at every step helps create our culture of “Elevating What’s Expected”.

  • Honesty – We communicate proactively and honestly to each other and our customers.
  • Responsibility – We are fully accountable to our customers and each other.
  • Goodwill – We serve and support our customers, employees and community with their goals in mind.
  • Pride – We take pride in our work and do whatever it takes to help LEI elevate excellence.
  • Consistency – We embrace policies and procedures resulting in the quality services we deliver.
  • Learning – We learn something new every day in our pursuit of excellence and growth.

Our People

While the Executives provide the vision and guidance for LEI, the recipe to our success is the dedication and loyalty of our people.  The hard work and commitment they demonstrate is the cornerstone of our foundation.


Our Performance

You don’t need to take our word for it. Take a look at what the industry and our customers say about LEI.


Our PEOPLE represent over 100 years of combined experience. Our PERFORMANCE exceeds $150 million of revenue since our inception.